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Miriam Molina
Following is an official review by Miriam Molina from OnlineBookClub.org

I am Maji, a teenage girl from the Water clan. I am in exile with my beloved Amoto of the Fire clan. You see, we had to leave our beautiful land, Wirrawa, because the elders wanted to separate us. Interclan marriage is not allowed by our sacred laws; that offense deserves death. Our childhood friend, Kiwanja from the Rock clan, was ordered to take us back to be punished. He found us at our first camp, but we escaped while he was sleeping.

Will Amoto and I survive in this dreary place? Will our love be enough to sustain us? Will the evil Griblins punish Wirrawa and the three clans for our disobedience?

Such is the premise of Fire and Water written by Jo Eshuys and illustrated by Craig Jackson. After reading the book’s Amazon page, I learned that it is based on a true story. This tidbit made the book more meaningful and memorable for me. While love has seemingly become a cheap commodity these days, Amoto and Maji risk life and limb to fight for their precious love. Teeming with touching declarations of love, this book is a must-read for us hopeless (and hopeful) romantics! And that evocative ending, particularly the last line, is one that will be remembered for a long time.

Aside from the heart flutters, what else can the reader get? Trust me! This book is a treasure trove. The illustrations are mesmerizing; the wonderful pictures (one on every page) make the world-building and the character descriptions effortless. I am certainly no art connoisseur, but those pictures had me spellbound with their exquisite colors, fascinating details, realistic facial expressions, and subtle humor. They spoke “a thousand words,” indeed!

Another jewel in the book is the poetry. Many of the characters, even the land of Wirrawa, have a chance to speak in verse. Almost all pages have poems; some are as short as three lines while others have several stanzas, but all are captivating. There are rhymes, and there are free-verse pieces. Many are unique; these include debates in verse, an acrostic, one with anagrams that the reader has to solve, a Mobius strip poem, and two haikus. Eshuys and Jackson really worked hard to give the reader an unforgettable experience.

I recommend Amoto and Maji’s love story even for teenage readers; there is nothing to censor in there. Fans of poetry will delight in the verses. Art lovers will be wowed by the pictures. Sentimental readers like me may need to prepare a box of tissues to cope with the mushy lines. Try this one for size: “Alone we are nothing; together we give the dark universe purpose.”
Brian Meharg
Fire & Water. Deluxe Edition:
What a great story and the illustrations are so powerful. I’m the sure the three people whose epic it is, would if they could, feel honoured that their story has been kept alive.
Reading the story for the first time I sensed that there were different levels of meaning and symbolism throughout, but I must admit I was too absorbed in the narrative to see them all. However, on the second read, I found so much more to feel and think about. I really enjoyed the different voices and emotions and particularly liked deciphering Maji & Amoto’s lament on encountering the city.
What a beautiful book: a true wordsmith and artist applying their skills.
I Love Books
Fire & Water
I love it! Highly recommend this book. Fire and Water is a diamond among lots of gravel. A really touching story about two people who are in love but they can't be together because they are from different clans. They can't accept this and escape to lead a life of adventure, difficulties and love. I won't tell you anymore as I don't want to spoil the story. Also the pictures are incredible and there are plenty of them. Get it! I hope the authors put out a physical book as well, it will be sitting on my coffee table.
Fire & Water
A timeless story of an endless love. I'm always attracted to true stories. And I particularly love indigenous style stories. This tale of Fire and Water grabbed me from the first page and carried me along through the years of organic passion. The poetic style of this novel seduced me, the illustrations as much as the words. They are genuine works of art. I loved it. Highly recommended.
Fire & Water
This (sic) was my very first color illustrated graphic book for my new amazon kindle fire HD7. What a great way to start reading and looking at the pictures. I truly enjoyed every bit of it.
Katrina Kahler
Fire & Water
Beautiful! I was attracted to this graphic novel by the cover. The story is beautifully written and explorers forbidden love. It is enhanced by sections of poetry that add to the story. This alone would have been enough for me, but then I fell in love with the art work. It is throughout the book and it is spectacular. I highly recommend this beautiful book for both the story and the art work.
Jonathan Wathen
Fire & Water
WOW!! Great story.
Always partial to true story's and this is one of the most intriguing. Amazing images in this graphic novel highlight the key events in the story. This dramatic true story can be appreciated by kids but also has a much deeper level for adults.