Will our heroes save the tiny ladybeetles from the boisterous Horlocks?

It’s a dangerous world for mummy ladybeetle and her littlies, scurrying off to the fair on a Saturday morning. How will they avoid the gigantic, boisterous Horlocks with their huge feet gallumping down to the river for their early morning swim?

Horlocks never look where they’re going; they just laugh and play, they make a terrible racket and fill the air with dust. But if they meet the unsuspecting ladybeetles at precisely 6.44am they will accidentally crush the beautiful little bugs to smithereens.

Who will rescue them? How? Will our little hero, Harpo, and his huge mate, Boo, come to the rescue? Harpo’s ears and Boo’s nose will find a way. The first Harpo and Boo adventure in full colour and lilting rhymes.

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Harper & Boo: Flow as you Go

They thump their way down to the gurgling pool, jeering and shouting and playing the fool.

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