Ghost Crab Publishing

Why the name Ghost Crab Publishing?

Ghost Crab: Ocypodinae from Greek, meaning ‘fast feet’.

Ghost Crab Publishing was established in 2016, by collaborators Jo Eshuys and Craig Jackson. With a long association in the educational publishing world, we decided to embark upon producing our own books. Ghost Crab was set up as a common banner under which all our books could be produced and promoted.

Why the name Ghost Crab Publishing? Ghost Crabs are mysterious, can pop up anywhere on the beach, even right under your feet and then, just as quickly, disappear. They are fast, elusive, enigmatic and very determined. But their most important attribute for us is that they are indicators of human impact on our beaches. If we misuse our beaches with destructive overuse, the ghost crabs are destroyed. Our books, our words and illustrations aim to reflect how we humans impact upon each other.

We strive to produce high quality books with strong, engaging storylines, with interesting characters and themes, supported by vibrant artwork. Our books aim to entertain both young and old and provoke some thought along the way. Here’s our first three with more on the way.

The starting point for Ghost Crab has been to produce picture story books, in both hard copy and electronic formats. We do however have future plans to produce books of all kinds, including collaborating with other creators to help their ideas take flight.